Friday, February 18, 2011

Chapter 38 - Homecoming

           When we arrived we realized we had visitors. An old fan lay on the front veranda.  I was mentioning to Rita that I wanted to get a fan to keep the air in the house moving when the hot afternoon sun gets too uncomfortable.  I don’t know where she comes up with these old, old appliances and house necessities.  As I said earlier, the fixtures and appliances in this house are at least 40 years old.
            Melaney got the best gift.  Rita had brought in the technician to install high speed internet, and that will be a great blessing.  We both use the internet a lot, but Melaney is a constant user.  She has been getting a lot of replies from her Google Ad about The Chill Bill.  They are coming from all over the world.  (Go to and look at the contact page. I have been very busy—Mel.)
            We will have to get a different phone number.  Our telephone was intertwined with the other internet device, so at this time, I don’t know what our phone number is.
            The greatest homecoming was Gigi.  She gets so lonely left all day, but she seems to manage.  I was concerned with Rita opening the door, because Gigi can bolt out the door, and she runs.  She isn’t street smart, and we are only about fifty feet from a busy roadway.  She ran out one day while Mel and I were at home, and had to be fetched.  She ran up the street, and I was afraid Mel would have to go in to town to catch up with her (which is seven kms away), but Gigi ran into the neighbour’s yard.  There she was accosted by two large dogs who took after her immediately, and Gigi just bolted back the way she had come, and jumped up into Melaney’s arms.  That saved a lot of walking.
            Outside, I rigged up a length of clothes line rope with a leash on the end, and we peg Gigi to the porch once in a while.  She enjoys the freedom to bask in the sun, roll on the grass and nibble bits off the ends of the grass leaves.  Yesterday she got into my front flower bed, which I had forbidden, and tangled her lead around a rose bush.  I went out to check what she was doing and found her in that position.  I was the one who paid, as I pricked my finger on a rose thorn.  The other obstacle that she challenges is a cactus. If she runs around it, her leash gets tangled and I have to rescue her.
            It’s pretty warm this afternoon.  I thought I would set up the fan, but Mel says I should take it apart first and wipe off the blades.  There is enough dust to fill the house.

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