Friday, February 18, 2011

Chapter 44 - Our Neighbours

          This morning I decided to get up a little early and make a banana muffin cake for breakfast, and when Mel went out to walk the dog, I suggested she invite the neighbors over to share the cake with us.  I told her to explain that we didn’t drink coffee, so if they wanted coffee they would have to bring it with them, plus cups.  We have only two mugs here, and there were three extra people involved.  I also told her the cake would take a half an hour.
            In half an hour they came, mugs and coffee pot in hand.  First, John sat in my chair, and I had to move him.  We laughed about the lack of furniture, but it is meant for only the two of us.  Melaney donated her chair to John and she sat on a stool.  The other two, another John, and Johanna sat on the wicker chairs.  Once everyone was settled down, I brought in the muffin cake, still warm from the tiny toaster oven, and began passing it around.  Paper towel napkins and no plates was the order of service.
            John did the most of the talking.  This meeting was to get together as neighbours and get to know each other.  We learned a lot about them.  Johanna is a born Costa Rican, and John (though an American) was born in Germany.  Probably a military situation.  We all decided we really liked it here in the orchard, and hoped it would be so for some years to come.
            John had taken his truck in to get the safety sticker (Retive) the other day, and it didn’t quite pass, something to do with the brake pressure in one wheel.  At any rate, their big dog Machu is sick, and needs to go to a vet in Alajuela. Mel is going to drive them in, and while on the road, they can give her directions to the office that she needs to get her license.
            There are directions from Mom to stop at the big store in Alajuela and get some cheese.  I want to make Empanadas for tomorrow.  The Branch President of the Church in  Grecia and his wife and girls are due to arrive at three in the afternoon.  I hope they do or we will have a lot of empanadas to use, which is quite fine according to our neighbours.

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