Friday, February 18, 2011

Chapter 37 - To the Temple

           We had agreed a couple of weeks ago to go to San Jose to the Temple.  Melaney wants to be baptized for her good friend Lyn, who died tragically last year from cancer. Mel had discussed the church at length with her, while she was in bed, and they came to a consensus that this was the program that she wanted.
On our way home, Melaney asked about the product that some of the roadside vendors sell. At the very first opportunity, the President asked the driver to pull over and he bought a package, and we shared it.  It is not describable.  It is large, about 11 inches across, very crispy, very thin, very little flavour of its own.  It was sold with a small package of liquid cane sugar and he showed us how it was latticed with the sweet syrup.  It was an adventure. 
By the time we reached Grecia, I felt like I was broken.  Before we started for home, I asked the president what his name is, because he knows our names.  He said it was Constantine.  I said “Connie?” and he laughed and said no.
            I have adopted another Spanish boy.  We did all of this conversation with sign language, the occasional word and a lot of laughs and smiles.  He agreed I was his “Madre” and I told him about the two Argentinian boys I had adopted in Canada.  He is agreeable to try to learn a little English, and I am trying to learn a little Spanish.  It tickled him when I would use a word or two.  I know that we will become very good friends, and Mel and I both love his wife.  Her name is Maggie, and so is her mother’s name, the same.    
            Gigi was very glad to welcome us home. We had been gone seven hours.

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