Monday, January 31, 2011

Chapter 36 - The Horn Blower

            I think that I finally found the offending early morning horn blower.  It’s a big truck which travels by the house at 4:30 a.m. and blasts his horn.  He probably has a friend along this street, and wants to tell him or her that he is off and running to work.  What inconsideration that shows, but Costa Rican men are full of machismo, and think they run the world.
            The reason that I think I know which truck it is, is because a large loaded gas truck went by during the mid morning, and blew his horn.  The horn sounded the same as the early morning horn, so at least I am sure that he is the offender.  There is absolutely nothing that can be done, it is just some satisfaction to know who the offender is.  Perhaps I could put out a tack belt across the road, but that wouldn’t work, someone else might be on the road.  If I put up a barrier, and said “No horn blowing before 7 a.m.” that may work, but I don’t know the Spanish words for the sign.  Perhaps I could stand out on the road, and wave a fist at him, but he would surely think I was just waiving at him and be all the more apt to blow his horn back at me.   
            I will have to take all these solutions into consideration and see what I can come up with.  There is a saying which is: Problems are just solutions in work clothes!
            In the meantime, I will have to expect an early morning horn call.

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