Monday, January 31, 2011

Chapter 29 - Some Things are Remarkable

            We made another trip to town for my haircut.  This is the third time, and last time she said Thursday afternoon.  We arrived at 1 o’clock and the girl recognized us right away and came to the door of the salon.  The lady who cuts the hair wouldn’t be there until at least four o’clock.  We didn’t plan to wait that long so asked about manana….tomorrow.  Ten o’clock.  We will go back.  That will make four trips for one haircut.  I don’t think I will tip her.
            The most remarkable thing happened after that stop.  We drove on into the townsite and past Rita’s house.  Olivier (the car man who speaks some English) told us there was a friend of his named Gustavo who fixed electronic equipment.  He was supposed to be 100 meters past Rita’s and on the other side of the road.  We stopped after a while at an internet café to see if they could direct us to Gustavo`s.  It was closed.  Mel got back into the car and we drove a little farther up the road.  There were two men chatting in front of a garage and she decided to stop and ask them.  She asked about Gustavo, and the one man stepped up and said that he was Gustavo.  Mel showed him the radio and CD player which we had in the back of the car.  He lifted out the player and started up the laneway.  Melaney followed him.  He said he didn’t need the radio; all this in Spanish, which Melaney was able to decipher.  She came back to the car with Gustavo’s card and said it would be ready on Tuesday.
            We were almost ready to trash the two units, and buy a small one when Mel and Rita go down to Golfito, (just out of the Panama border where people go to buy inexpensive appliances.)  Apparently, once a year a person is able to legally go down there and make advantage of a no import tax situation, and buy appliances for a greatly marked down price.  Rita was planning a run down there, and Mel said she would go with her for company.
            The things that I find that are remarkable are when we have a need, something wonderful happens, and there is a friend or otherwise to take care of us.  I have said many times that the Lord looks after foolish people.  Perhaps we have been added to the list.
            Now, all I have to do is get my hair cut tomorrow morning.

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