Monday, January 31, 2011

Chapter 30 - Success and Success!!!

            I prepared myself to go into town to get my hair cut, finally.  Melaney pushes the envelope to the last possible minute to arrive at the salon at 10 a.m.  I want to be early, and we arrived at two minutes to ten.  The young girl came to the door again, and said that Lorena was busy doing something for someone else, and almost acted as if she wanted us to come back.  Melaney was able to convey “What hour?” and she said about twenty minutes, I think.  Melaney asked if we could wait inside, and the girl agreed.
            They seem to keep the door locked.  I would think it would be disconcerting to clients if they come to the salon and find the door locked.  Melaney said it was probably for security purposes.  
            There is a broad spectrum of supplies in the shop, including all kinds of makeup, handbags, jewelery and sun glasses.  It covers a major amount of what a young lady would want in the form of adornments.
            We sat in a small waiting area, and watched as the young girl continued to put color paste on a client’s long hair.  The dark women seem to like their hair lightened.  I like the dark hair.  Then another car came to the salon, and five people wanted to come in so Melaney unlocked the door for them.
            When Lorena finally showed herself and saw the waiting room filled with people, and more coming in, she made the rounds giving each person a hug and kiss on the cheek and a warm “Hola”, then she beckoned to me and I took my place in the working station.  That was a terrific way to cement relationships with clients. We explained in our limited Spanish how I wanted my hair cut.
            She spent 20 minutes cutting my hair.  She clipped and snipped and finally ended up blowing the cut hair out of my face and put on some gook to keep my hair from blowing around.  It looked like a nice haircut.  I had told her my head looked like a football “sombrero” which I know is the word for hat, but she got the message and chuckled.
            We asked the price and she said cinqo million, which is a 5000 colone note and about equal to ten dollars.  We smiled and I figured I would arrange to come back in a couple of months on a Friday morning, and take my chances of getting another one.
            Rita should be back in Poas today, so we drove to her place.  There was no car, so no one was at home.  Oh well, we can tell her we went to visit.  We stopped at a little fruit and vegetable market that was reputed to have economical prices on Friday/ Saturday.  I didn’t want to get too much because I still have a selection in the fridge.  I chose a cucumber, a musk melon, half a small watermelon and a nice chunk of fresh ginger.  All of that through the till came to somewhat under three dollars.  There was a nice selection, and I think I will keep it in mind for the future.  It’s getting to know the right corners around here.
            I hope Rita and Victor show up tomorrow, but Melaney will be away for the greater part of the day.  She has a business meeting in Alajuela tomorrow, and a big phone call from another business prospect at two this afternoon.  It is good to have things start to perk for her.  She needs something to occupy her mind.

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