Monday, January 17, 2011

Chapter 8 - THE TRIP TO JACO (pronounced Hacko)

We loaded the truck/car with snorkel gear, water and plastic glasses, dog bed, the cane and Melaney and myself.  We had our money belts on with our passports and enough money to buy gas and lunch.  January first at nine o’clock in the morning was too early for the Tico party crowd.  The fireworks had banged away until just after midnight and we were almost alone on the road.  We headed for San Jose to pick up the new highway and see where it meandered.  Eight  toll booths and we quit highway 27 and joined 34 which we had traveled a couple of years ago.  We knew Jaco came off this road.  The closer we came, the more familiar the surroundings seemed to look.
            Many new buildings had sprung up in Jaco.  The large triple white buildings that were well up two years ago, stood rusting and empty.  The 2008 recession had hit here, as well as North America.
             We scoped the town and even spied the Mexican restaurant that I had ordered a chimmichanga …It was so good, and I planned to order another.  We drove towards the beach and saw a parking area by a dining room/hotel.  When we pulled in, a fellow pointed to the hotel and we nodded.  We walked to the front of the dining room, but were blocked because of the dog.  I went up into the dining area and as far to the side as possible and took a seat by the sea wall.  Melaney walked around and onto the beach area.  She had to take off her clothes and shoes and drape them over the sea wall.  Gigi was on her leash, and they started for the sea. I took a photo of them and ordered a pinacolada sin alcohol.  It was garnished with a section of pineapple, a slice of star fruit, a white blossom and a shiny green leaf. It was very tasty as well as beautiful. 
Mel came back off the beach, said she has burned her feet, and had to go to the car for her swim shoes.When they went back across the beach, Gigi was hopping on three feet. They passed into the sea, out to the surf about waist high.  The surf wasn’t high. Gigi was still on her leash.  Mel set her in the sea, and I could see her legs churning the water.  It was a quick cool off for both of them.  I was perfectly comfortable in the shade with a cool ocean breeze.  What a paradise.
            They didn’t stay in the sea long.  It wasn’t an area for snorkeling, the surf was too churning and I surely didn’t want Mel to go out far enough for calm water.  I never have trusted the ocean.  I love to look at it, but nothing more.

             It was still morning and we decided to start back for home. We decided to take a different route instead of the toll road.  Another mistake….We missed some turns, ended in a loop, tried to get back onto highway 27, took a wrong turn and ended 20 feet above the highway, then the road ended.  Perched on this cliffside, we had to turn around inch by inch until we could get back down, with another shot at hitting the right turn to get back onto the highway.  The Lord looks after fools.  We arrived in some familiar territory and after six hours, we arrived back at home. 
            Everything seemed better after a little lunch.

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