Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chapter 20 - More Water

  We seem to have another water problem.  Last time it was not enough water.  This time we have too much water, but it isn’t in the right place.  During the night a few nights ago, I got up and found the bathroom floor flooded.  I slipped in the water. The floors are tile, and very slippery when they are wet.  I threw down a couple of towels to corral the water, and went back to bed.  This afternoon, the bathroom floor was again half covered with water.  There seems to be a plastic bolt at the bottom of the toilet tank, which doesn’t hold.  That means another call to the plumber man (Hank).  I do most fixing jobs, but I draw the line at plumbing.
   I used a small towel again, and managed to get the floor nearly dry.  I will check on it later.  In the meantime, it is raining outside, so there is some more water.  It is challenging to walk Gigi when it rains.  She is a house dog of course, and doesn’t like to be wet or cold.  She hated wintertime in Canada.  That one problem is solved, but she really doesn’t like rain either.
   In a depression at the back door, there is a pool of water.  It is standing water, and I am concerned about mosquitoes.  I couldn’t understand how that one shower could pool like that and not be absorbed into the ground.  The next morning I found the answer.  I had laid the hose into a large plant by the corridor entrance, intending to shut it off at the tap, and was side tracked by picking up three limes to bring into the house.  The water ran all afternoon and all night.  I am not surprised it pooled.  I am only sorry that I wasted so much water.  Anyway, it is in the vicinity of the extended roots to the large manga tree by the back of the house.  Mangas are like mangoes only much larger.  It could probably stand a good drink.  After I turned off the tap it didn’t take long for the pool to disappear and be absorbed into the ground.

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