Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chapter 12 - TO THE BIG STORE

We had Rita with us today, and getting lost wasn’t such an issue.  Our first jaunt was to Grecia for Rita to look at a bed she was planning to buy.  We found the location, but she didn’t like the bed.  We had lots of time, so we went to find the location of the church chapel. We were fortunate in finding that, and we were still all right with time.  Most of our time calculations centre around how long we can leave the dog.
 We decided to go to the BIG STORE.  It is the Price Smart store.  It was huge.  I was so surprised to find a huge department store in Alajuela.  It’s patterned a great deal like the Costco stores in North America, even with a membership plan.  Rita had her membership card so we loaded  up.  That’s the problem with these type stores.  Sure, they have everything, but you always over buy if you aren’t very careful.  We over bought, but we will use all the goods we purchased, including a convection toaster oven by Oester, shipped down from the states.  The selection of goods was as good as Canada, including cosmetics, stereos, T.V., and lawn furniture.  I think they have been organized to facilitate the foreign resident, because an average Costa Rican couldn’t afford to shop in the store.  Rita’s husband has a substantial job in the big cheese factory, and she has rental properties, but they are above the average person here.
It doesn’t take long to tire me out in a big box store and I was happy to be finished and back in the vehicle, but Melaney had promised us ice cream.  We had looked in the store for the snack counter, and thought it hadn’t been built yet, but from the car, we saw the open window counter outside, and Mel hiked over to find the treat.  Ice cream in Costa Rica isn’t very good.  It isn’t creamy and rich, like North America, and has quite a grainy texture. It was a treat, though, and we kept the little plastic cups and spoons for use at home, but that is another story. 

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