Monday, January 17, 2011

Chapter 5 - THE DOGS

are a huge matched pair of African Ridgeback dogs.  They would frighten ANYONE and you wouldn’t want to meet up with them in a dark alley.  They aren’t as big as a mastiff, but they are about 125 pounds of solid muscle and sinew.  It is said they can down a lion in their native land.  They are extremely strong.  When we first saw them roaming in the orchard trees, we were hesitant to approach them.  Then Melaney met the young girl living in the house and chatted with her.  She could speak English so we became quite friendly.  She was living in the house with the dogs to take care of them for an absentee tenant.  We gently became acquainted with Machu and Mia, the two dogs.

       Andrea, the young girl was travelling back and forth to San Jose each day, leaving the dogs in the house.  One day she gave Melaney a house key and asked if she would let the dogs out because she was going to be late coming home.  Within three days, she let out landlady know that she wasn’t going to come back, so the dogs were left without a caretaker.  Estevan, Rita’s son, offered to come out and take care of the dogs, and the original owner agreed to $20 a day.  That was a joke.  Melaney let them out in the morning when she went on the morning walk with Gigi.  Rita brought Estevan out in mid afternoon to range around with the dogs.  Then he shut them in and came back in the late evening to feed them.  That lasted quickly.  The dogs were so bored in the house they chewed bits of foam out of their bed.  Melaney let them out and soon they were spending most of their day on our veranda.  Then Mia started digging.  I had planted some cucumbers and beets which were nicely up and growing.  Mia dug them up.  They she started digging deep holes.  In her digging she sprayed dirt onto the veranda.  I was sweeping up after her on a regular basis.  She also brings up leaves and twigs to play some kind of dog game.  They have really become pussy cats.  They roam on the veranda and lay in the sunshine.  We both talk to them, and I don’t know whether they understand but they seem to enjoy the companionship.  They spend the greater part of the day here.  So who is looking after the dogs?  We are, and Estevan thinks he is going to gather the pay for the job.  We will see………..

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