Monday, January 17, 2011


Another night in Paradise, and we are revelling in every minute.  The storm that blew through was quite fierce and the bitter weather lasted a couple of days.  It was cold enough at night that I piled on three quilts and wore a night gown.  I had closed all the louvers in the windows, but they don’t close exactly tight and I was still getting wind screeching into the bedroom.  The wind sounded so angry and demented that it
seemed like something out of the sound track of a horror movie.  I have heard winds howl, and have experienced extreme gales but this screeching was eerie.
       I heard on the third day that the wind had damaged some property in Poas including blowing part of a roof off a church.
     Our landlady made it seem like it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary and we all survived.  There was no damage here other than blowing some leaves off trees.
      When we arrived, there were plantings around the house of white sails and some grass-like plants.  They were left unwatered, so most of them have died.  I did arrange for a hose to be brought to the house, and I have given life to a few things about.  There was a sage plant, among other things, and the wind broke it off, so I just pulled it up.  I have a lot of sage that I brought from Canada, including seeds to start some new plants, so I wasn’t concerned.  A potted mint was brought to the house.  I have watered it, and it seems to be thriving.  There were a couple of plants I didn’t recognize, one is supposed to be a cure for upset stomach and the other is an herb of some kind.  The closest thing that I am familiar is it smells of cloves.  I keep the blossoms picked up in hopes of the plant filling out some.  There are also three roses, which have thrown a couple of blooms.  I cut the last one and brought it into the house so the wind wouldn’t just beat it to ribbons.  I have enjoyed it for five days.  It is creamy white with pink edged petals.  There are more buds.    I will prune them off, too.  I am familiar with roses, so I will tend to them and soon have a nice showing.
      Melaney had picked up fallen citrus fruit and I had achieved a stack of oranges.  Rita and her son were here yesterday and I gave him all the oranges that I had accumulated.  You can eat only so many.  He has a juicer.  He made juice last night and brought me half a gallon of the most delicious juice that I have ever tasted.  The only problem is that we will have to consume it before tomorrow.  Raw juice sours very quickly.  I made lemon curd shortly after we arrived, and have also made lemon and lime puddings.  I made one lemon pudding and instead of using the requisite one lemon per batch I generously put in two.  It was too tart for Mel, so I ate most of it.  There was just a little left and I sliced up four small sweet bananas into it, stirred it, and it tempered the sharp sour taste.

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