Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I got some epoxy from the hardware store a week or so ago.  I needed to repair the towel bar in my bathroom.  It had fallen on the floor several times, until I simply let it lay there in true Tico fashion.  What I needed was longer screws and some epoxy to secure them.  Putting short wood screws into concrete isn’t the way to go.  After I finished securing the towel bar, I used the screws from that to repair the front screen door.  Apparently when carpenters put things together here, it is only to look good for the short term.  This door is constantly on the go, and on a spring, so there is some slap on the closing.  The upright slat which holds the screen in place, kept pulling loose, so I applied some pressure to the screwdriver, and secured it with four screws.  So much for that door. 
The next door to repair is the stop for the panic room door.  Another case of look good for the instant.  The stop is held by one tiny wood nail, and is forever slipping out of place.  We call this the panic room because it is almost hidden.  It continues through the master bedroom ensuite, it has no windows so it is concrete on three sides, and holds a massive amount of clothing, linens, suit cases and laundry bags.  One side of the room are very large shelves and the other side is the closet bar and clothes hangers.  It is supposed to be a walk in closet, but panic room is a better title.
Last night, without my knowledge, Melaney tried to open the tap in her bathroom to brush her teeth and the single lever handle fell off in her hand. This morning she tried to turn on the low faucet in her shower stall. This was to get some water to brush her teeth. The fixture fell off in her hand, including part of the pipe.  This gushed water into her shower stall.  She called and said she needed to use my shower, but the water gushing in her bathroom left no pressure for the shower head in my shower, so she got only a dribble.  NOW WE DIDN’T KNOW WHERE TO TURN THE WATER OFF.
Mel ran a bucket of water for emergency purpose, and phoned Rita.  Rita called the plumber, and came out to the house quickly and showed Mel where the shut off was located.  You will never believe; it is on a small green plastic pipe that runs along the property line at the front fence, sixty feet from the corner of the house.  The shut-off is a very small turn valve in that plastic pipe.  What a temptation for a prankster.
Mel and I ate breakfast while we were waiting for Rita, then the two of them had a drink of juice and were off on the long delayed trip for Mel to view a medical recuperation facility near Heridia.  Mel likes to have Rita as a travelling companion, because she doesn’t get lost. Soon she will have covered all the roads in Costa Rica.  Now if she could just remember which one was which.

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