Monday, January 31, 2011

Chapter 33 - The Doors

            We have very large doors in this casa.  They look like they have built for a castle.  There are nail studs decorating the edges of the doors, and they aren’t puny little studs.
           The doors have been constructed of solid wood in some workshop.  They are also wider than a standard door.  Because they are such heavy construction, they have four big brass hinges, two near the top, and two closer to the bottom.  All of the hinges need a good shot of WD40.  I bought some about three weeks ago, but I have really adopted the Tico way of doing things manana……..tomorrow, which is Monday, we will do the work.
            During the night last night, Melaney’s bathroom door did a dance something like our ant dance in the kitchen.  The wind was blowing.  The door catch on her bathroom isn’t secure.  I think the carpenter who built this house would never pass the Canadian Standard’s Test.  The door clicks when it is shut, but doesn’t hold.  First the wind caused a draft enough to pull the door open.  It squeaked. Then the breeze seemed to push the other way, and the door slammed shut.  If I had heard it (which I didn’t, I’m getting to sleep through many noises), I would have put a large towel between the door and the door jam.  It may have taken two towels; one before and one after.  However, Melaney’s very sensitive ears heard it all and she got up and tried to shut the door securely, but it didn’t hold and she raised a complaint this morning.
Tonight before bed, we will do something about that door.  We don’t want it to bolt off the hinges like the taps dropped off the sink and shower fixture.
  It is difficult to explain the eeriness of the squeaking door.  She said it sounded like a haunted mansion and all she needed was a skeleton to pop out.  I took special notice to the howling wind one night.  It was a different sound of wind than I had heard before.  It may in part be the type of windows that are here.  The bottom part of the windows is ordinary window glass, but the tops all have movable louvers which open and close with levers.  They don’t close tight, and that may be the wind screech we hear.  I don’t know how to test that theory.

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