Monday, January 17, 2011

Chapter 2 - THE KEY

After returning from their excursion to get the chair, and getting settled in with groceries put away, Melaney had thoughts of bringing the car to the front door to bring in the chair from the back end  Where was the car key?  I hadn’t seen it.  We looked.  And looked.  And looked some more.  She knew with the car sitting right there, they had to be in the vicinity.  She took her special flashlight and searched around the car and up through to the back door.  Nothing!  She had walked through the yard with Gigi and the big dogs were out.  She went up that way with the flashlight with no results.
Finally she decided to just sit down and trace her steps with her thoughts.  Nothing!  After about two hours, we went to bed.  There were intense prayers that night.
    Next morning Mel took Gigi for her regular walk, and thirty feet into the walk, she saw the metal from the key and fob glinting in the sunlight.  Found.  When she came in we were so relieved and vowed to have a second key cut that day.
     It didn’t take long to run in to town.  There were two keys that she wanted cut.  One was a spare for the back door, and the other for the car.  I had been of the impression that a car key couldn’t be duplicated like that, but she got a key.  When she put the new key into the lock, it just made the car growl.  She tried it again, and the car growled again.  She looked in the owner’s manual and found that a duplicated key for the vehicle would not turn the engine over.  It was a built in anti theft device and the only thing the new key was good for was opening the car door.  We still have only one car key, but I believe there will be more conscientious care of that key.  I think we should tie a bell to it.
     There are far too many keys to this little house.  The spare back door key which we hid in a special place outside in case the wind blew the door shut while we were both outside, won’t be of any use.  Even though the lock can be turned, there is a strange latch on the inside on the lock that has to be levered from the inside.  We would still be stuck outside.  There is one more reason for caution.
    The many doors in this small house with locks include my bedroom, Mel’s bathroom, and the front and rear doors.  There is also an ADT security system in place.  That leads to another story………….

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