Monday, January 17, 2011


            I brought a considerable amount of seeds with us.  Some of the seeds were at no cost, and some were at a big price.  This includes a number of packets that we ordered through the internet.  I had full intentions of making a nice garden here.  I have been thwarted all the way. 
            At first we were told that this dry season is not the time to plant.  Well, I can buy that, but up here close to the Volcano Poas, the temperature is much cooler than down in the valley.  That is very good for comfort, but not for tomatoes.  I planted an ice cube tray with sweet one hundred tomato seeds that I dried from the neighbor’s tomatoes.  Out of sixteen cubicles, sixteen plants came up.  I water them each day, and they are in their second true leaf stage, but still too tender to plant in the ground. 
            I planted some cucumber and beet seeds directly in the space close to the house.  They came up in about a week, and were just showing well when Maya, the huge dog next door decided to dig in that part of the yard.  The only things she missed were two cucumbers at the corner, a little by themselves.
            This season has been particularly dry, Rita says, and most of the plants that she had put around the house to welcome us have died or been dug out.  There are five rose bushes left.  I have been guarding them a little.  At least I know what to do with roses. I will get some fertilizer, and prune them and keep them watered.  The blossoms that have come are small but pretty.  It will take some time for them to strengthen and become larger substantial roses.
            On three occasions we have taken the opportunity to buy from roaming vendors on the streets.  The first was a huge head of lettuce in Grecia on a crowded street for the equivalent of 60 cents (or 300 calones). The next was a bag of tomatoes (about ten pounds) for $4. then yesterday a bag of fresh green beans for $2.  We haven’t taken the opportunity to go to the farmer’s market in Poas.  That is on Saturday, and we have had two Saturday holidays.  This all makes me wonder if it would be profitable to grow our own vegetables.  I do think I will plant a few, squash, corn, cucumbers and some flowers.  We need some Canadian flowers.  I brought quite a few nasturtium seeds.  Perhaps one day, I will be able to locate a green grower’s place here and find some Costa Rica flowers.  I have seen many on fences and in yards.  I would like to learn about them.  I still yearn to have an orchid or two.     
            We were approached by one street vendor yesterday.  I didn’t want what he was selling, but I told Melaney go give him a coin anyway.  He was sadly handicapped.  I always think a prayer of gratitude when I see a person like that.  He gave us gracias…That gives us grace.

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