Friday, February 18, 2011

Chapter 39 - Sunday, Another Day of Rest

           Most days fall in this category now, but Sunday is still special.  We drive 25 minutes into Grecia and attend Sacrament Meeting.  It was the first Sunday of February, so it was fast and testimony meeting.  In my mind I had rehearsed a Spanish testimony and was going to surprise the congregation with my acumen of their language.  I am beginning to understand some of it now, and a lot of it when it is in print form.
            We have our directions almost mastered, so we can leave home without a two hour wander to get back again.  The days are so beautiful, and the flowering trees and bushes are magnificent.  I don’t recognize many of them yet.  One tree which is flowering profusely now, and blazing orange is guachepelin.  There are no leaves on the trees, only huge branches of these brilliant orange flowers.  They are very tall and broad trees and present all over the country.  They are such a contrast to the green prevalence.  Some of the beautiful flowering bushes which are fuschia in color, are bouganvilla.  I have seen them in many parts of the world.  There are pink flowering bushes, which are gorgeous, but I don’t know what they are named.  We also saw a large cluster of morning glories along the road.  The blooms are larger than in North America, and brilliant blue/purple.

            The people at the chapel were so very friendly.  One girl, who had never made recognition of us, and we see her week after week, greeted us with a hug this morning, and that is gratifying.
            We have a new missionary in the Branch.  His name is Elder Bennington from Ohio.  I asked him if he knew that was the only Japanese name for a place in the U.S. and he had never heard that.  Ohio is a Japanese greeting similar to hello, how are you.  I don’t know about Hawaii, there are so many Japanese people there, but I am not familiar with the names of places in that state. 
            Next week is the Valentine’s Day social at the chapel after the morning services.  We will stay for the total program and prepare for the visit with the group afterwards.  I think these types of socials are so good for a congregation.
            I was teasing the president yesterday about not shaving for the trip to the temple.  He took it in good humour and this morning made a point of showing me that he had shaved.  He told his wife I was just like his mother.  I accept that.  He is a charming person, and so very likeable.  I offered to help him with his English, too.
            The high speed internet that Melaney was so pleased with, jammed today, and isn’t working.  The other plug in unit isn’t working either, so she is as good as lost without her computer.  She has a game going, but that won’t take the place of the internet for her.  She will have to get it going tomorrow. She receives so much inquiry on the net about The Chill Bill that she can’t afford the internet to be down for too long.

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