Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chapter 48 - No Internet

    Melaney had difficulty coping with the absence of internet for a couple of days.  We never know just what causes the interference but it isn’t out of the ordinary.   Our neighbours, through whose modem we are wired, were gone away to the beach for a few days.  Out internet worked fine.  The hour that they returned, the internet quit.  We were thinking they had tripped over a wire, but Mel asked them and they were off the net as well.
    We had a marathon of computer games.  I worked my board until my knuckle on my right hand was sore.  I won’t attribute it to arthritis, I don’t really admit that yet, but a few big joints are giving me the dickens, and I will be forced to admit what is going on with them pretty soon.  Melaney suggests that I try glucosamine.  I’m not convinced that it is more than hype.  Think of the hooplah over antibacterial soap.  All soap is antibacterial.  That just became a selling byword…..I bristle with the attitude of advertisers today.  They think we are all stupid………
    Back to no internet, we got several messages from friends and relatives that they were on line, and there was nothing that we could do about it.  Now this morning, Tuesday, the internet is back on line, and everyone is busy and happy.
    Yesterday Melaney brought two ripe pineapples and a big stalk of what she thought was bananas to the porch.  They weren’t bananas, they were plantain.  I prepare plantain fairly frequently.  It is a good substantial food, and free for the taking.  This morning, I cut them from the stalk.  The blossom flack was still on the head and you could see tiny plantain that would never mature in the fibres.  I cut off about forty small plantains, and intended to partly cook them and fix them for the freezer.  There are too many ripe for me to use.  We asked the neighbour, Johanna, if she would like to take some, but she said that she had plenty.  They also say that the fruit is very abundant here during the rainy season.  That starts in about May.
    With work progressing for Melaney, she is busy answering all the enquiries about her Chill Bill web page.  She has contacted distributors from all over the world.  This internet is wonderful, if it doesn’t stop working.

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