Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chapter 58 - Silence

               I haven’t written for some time, we haven’t had internet to post the stories anyway.  This is just under two weeks, and getting more and more frustrating.  Rita was here Saturday and I made a strong point that she had made promises to get us to rent this house, which she hasn’t kept.  One is the substantial internet.  We have tried two different paths, and neither one proves to be that dependable.  The neighbours, whose house holds the modem to which we are linked, were away for some time.  It seems the internet through their house chose to fail when they left.  It did the same the last time they were away.  They were gone for the third day.               
             Melaney knew the dogs were in the house unattended. She found that she had the neighbour’s key on the ring that Rita gave her, so she went to set the dogs loose for a time.  She tended to their water and food and locked the dogs back up and came home.  There didn’t seem to be anything wrong. Melaney had looked after the dogs at a previous time when the neighbours were gone for an extended period when they drove to California and back. When the neighbours returned and Melaney told them about freeing the dogs for a time, they made a terrible fuss about not having asked for her help, and that ended the budding friendship.  Now we want internet on our own terms.  Rita made some calls she said, but nothing has come from that as yet.
            The second most important promise that she made was that she had a gardener for the place.  That was hooey as well.  Once in a while someone comes in to do a little tinker around the place.  She had a couple of young Nicaraguan boys in to tidy up a bit, but they putter for a few minutes, pick themselves a bag of oranges and leave.  We told her it was a complete waste of money.  The grasses around the house have absolutely gone wild, and I just can’t put up with the untidiness of the whole thing.  Besides, it harbours ants by the bucket load.  I picked up one of my walking sticks the other day and my hand and arm were literally attacked by a swarm of black ants that had hollowed out that dry stick to make it their abode, and they didn’t like being disturbed.  The stick was dropped in a hurry, and I did an ant dance brushing those ants off.  They didn’t bite, but they exude a stinging acid that really gets your attention.  I don’t want that horde at my doorstep.  Rita said that if the grasses are mowed in the dry season, they burn off.  I told her I don’t care if it dries to a desert around the house, I want the weeds taken care of and removed.
            She said the internet company would be here either Monday or Tuesday.  It is now midday Tuesday, and we haven’t heard from them.  Manana is the Tico way….It is enough to make one pull hair…..
            We have really worn the computer games to a frazzle.  I have played some that I hadn’t played before. We watch a little TV in the evenings, but we need something for the daytime.  I have the little keyboard that the church let me have for practice, and I go out on the deck and play that to get familiar with the hymns again.  That’s another story.

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