Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chapter 53 - Some Things To Be Thankful For

   We were without water for a couple of days, and we have to be thankful that it didn’t last any longer.
We were without water for a day a while ago, and I had kept some gallon milk jugs, which I keep loaded with water.  They came in handy this time.  I even gave one to Johanna.  She said the dogs would be thankful.  I am more interested in human comfort than just dogs. 
   This morning one of the water men from the municipality came by, and I was alone.  Somehow, in faltering Spanish I conveyed the fact that we had been without water for two days. I don’t know how he managed to get everything going, but in less than an hour he was back and told Melaney there was a break in the line a way up the road, and that it was repaired.  We have water again and I am thankful for that.  I will continue to keep spare water in my collection of milk jugs.
   I am thankful for the little fan that Rita left for me.  It isn’t too beautiful, but it works well, and I keep it going in the afternoons and evenings.  Even with the windows and door open, it gets pretty heated up in the house by late afternoon.  The fan makes a big difference to our comfort.
   I am also thankful for the many friends that we are making.  I am still impressed by the congeniality of the people, and their willingness to help.  I use a cane most of the time when I go to town, and when I am getting out of the truck it is common for a stranger to come by and offer to help.  I have never seen that kind of personal attendance in North America.  The cane is also an asset on the street and in the professional buildings.  People really defer to an aged person with a cane.  We get preferential treatment at the bank, doormen hold doors a little longer and are very polite.  The country is full of macho men, but when it comes to the aged, they are all willing to help. I have always been interested in people watching, and to see these macho men strutting on the streets is just so comical.  It reminds me of the rooster in the hen yard.  They just seem so proud.
   Victor has an aged mother, and he is very attentive to her.  He is also very willing to help me here when he is out at the orchard.  He is our landlady’s husband, in case you missed that part of the earlier saga, and he doesn’t speak English.  Rita does, thank goodness.  Victor is starting to pick up a few words, something like my ability in Spanish, and we can communicate to an extent.
   I am very thankful for the wonderful fruit and vegetables.  We stopped at a little road side stand a couple of times, and they recognize us.  It isn’t very far from our home and his prices are good.  I like to support the local growers.  We have purchased tomatoes, onions, peppers and strawberries from them. I had no idea they would be able to grow strawberries here. I thought it needed cooler weather for them, but they were good.  They also grow raspberries.  They are expensive though.
   Of course Mel is grateful for oatmeal.  She says it’s the perfect food (next to lasagna).

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