Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chapter 57 - Our Day For Church

           This Sunday when we arrived at church, we were greeted extensively.  We hadn’t seen the group for three weeks. I even got a hug from Joyce who has been a little standoffish, so I hope she is all right now.  One week was conference in San Ramon, which we didn’t attend as last week we were ill.  This week, it seemed that we had been away for a long time.
            This Sunday was testimony meeting.  I gave my testimony, partly in English and partly in Spanish.  I am sure the spirit touched the congregation…Many came and thanked me for sharing my testimony with them.  Even though I am old, the power of my testimony is strong.  The tiny sister and her daughter and husband were there.  She shook my hand and kissed my cheek.  Then she indicated that I was so big. I said yes I am grande and you are piquina.  She laughed.  That means big and tiny.  She needed some medical attention.  Her ankles were very swollen.  Mel told them she needed a diuretic tablet to release the fluids.  They were going to take her to the hospital.
            The president wanted to talk with Melaney after the sacrament service, so I waited. 
            It was some time before Melaney came out of his office.  He asked her to be the Primary President.  She was surprised, and I was extremely surprised.  She hasn’t had experience with children, but she obviously has the qualities that he was looking for.  He also asked me to play the music for the primary children.  That will keep us at the meeting house for the full three hours now. Until now we had only been going to the Sacrament Service since we are unable to follow the classes in Spanish.
            They found a smaller keyboard and let me bring it home for practice.  I need a lot of practice as I haven’t really played for about four years.  After they released me from playing in Relief Society, I didn’t play any more.  My piano at the house in Kelowna was just sitting in the basement gathering dust.
            This keyboard playing is different than the piano.  Even though the keys are spaced about the same, it is a different action.
            I brought a hymn book home with me, and the president gave me a children’s magazine with the song at the back that he would like me to play in a couple of weeks. I should be able to sight read the children’s music.  This small keyboard doesn’t have a music holder with it, so that will be challenging to play with my right hand and hold the book with the left.
            After the meeting with the president, Melaney said there would be a meeting in San Jose next Saturday that she would need to pick up her councellors in Grecia, and go into the city.  After we had been home for an hour or so, he phoned and let Melaney know that the meeting wouldn’t be necessary for her as it was all in Spanish, and she wouldn’t get anything out of it.  He suggested that the three of them meet by way of the internet, and that makes sense.  However, our internet isn’t working at present, and we hope it will be back in order soon.  Melaney had to go to town yesterday to go to the internet café and do some business.  We need some help here!!!!!

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