Saturday, April 2, 2011

Chapter 61 - Mowing For Real

            Rita brought the new mower, and a young lad to operate it early in the morning.  He was mowing under Melaney’s bedroom window at about six o’clock and she didn’t appreciate that. We get a lot of bed time, but with the interruptions of neighbourhood dogs, passing vehicles, Horatio Hornblower, birds at dawn, etc. etc. she only put up with mowing at six AM. We were glad enough to get it mowed.  I insisted that Rita had told us there was a gardener to keep the place presentable and reliable internet when she was bargaining with us to rent her place, and I expected those two things absolutely. The mower had been in her possession for two weeks, and it was about time it was used.  I said, “at least 50 feet around the house”.  It was looking like some barrio.
            The boy mowed and mowed.  The new mower worked wonders and Rita had him mow through the biggest share of the orchard.  What a difference.  Gigi and Mel could take their ablution walk and not come home all festered with insect bites and grass seed picks.  They were really bad, and Mel had to inspect Gigi from top to bottom on the porch in front before bringing her into the house.
When we came to Costa Rica I had intended to start a garden, but have since decided to leave that chore to the local farmer.  This earth here is so compacted it would need forty years of mulching before it could become friable garden soil. 
            Right now Rita and her spouse are at odds.  They have so many abodes in operation and she won’t reside with him.  That doesn’t change our attitude toward Victor.  He is still friendly with us.  He came out on Saturday to put the weed eater together.  We chatted with him for a little while.
            Mel found a site on Craig’s list of someone who had a Techniques five slot CD player for sale for $25.  They were going to go back to the States, and were selling everything off.  We got a small map from her and some directions to find her in La Uruca which is just outside San Jose.  We hopped into the vehicle and took off.  It is about a 45 minute drive from here, but at noon on Saturday the traffic was choking.  We took a little over an hour.  We drove around the city for about another hour, and never saw the place she was describing.  The only landmark that we found was the Hospital Mexico, which was close to the highway.  I get so frustrated with not knowing where we are so when we were finally on the road leading back to our neck of the woods and I persuaded Mel to just keep going and we could find a player another time.  It just wasn’t worth the aggravation that I was feeling.  I’m not as adventurous as I used to be.
            When we arrived back at home, Victor was gone.  Mel wanted him to take one of the Chill Bills to test on the refrigeration units where he works in the cheese plant.  Fortunately he came back, and she was able to give it to him.  Another story later.
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