Thursday, April 21, 2011

Chapter 67 - More Ants, I Think

           Yesterday afternoon, Mel and I cleaned the veranda.  I took a bucket with water and a brush and scrubbed the bird droppings off the rails that surround the veranda, and Mel swept.  We ended on the north side of the house at about the same time.  I don’t know why I looked up at the wooden cross beam on the underside of the roof, but I did and I didn’t like what I saw.  In a small cluster, about the size of a saucer, there were large black ants, I think, building a big nest.  It was so organized, with cells like in a bee hive and the workers were building around the edges of the structure.  The first thing I thought of was termites.  I thought termites were larger than what we saw, but these were large for ants.  Whatever it was, I wanted it gone, and I had no way of getting it there.
            Each evening, but before bed around nine, Mel takes Gigi out front for a final pee and she turns on the porch light.  I wait in my chair for them most times, and she called for me to come out and see.  Marching along the joint of the veranda and the house was a whole string of ant, going in the direction of the north side of the house.  I felt they were a part of the colony that was building.  I took the broom and swept along the file and killed as many as I could.  The crippled ones were picked up by the still whole ones, and they were going to pack them back to the compound, but I killed and killed until I got all of them and swept the remnants over the edge of the veranda.
            When we came back into the house we phoned Rita, and she said she was on a holiday with her girlfriends, but she would tell Victor about the ant problem.
            This morning, fairly early, Victor came out with his brother and took a look at the ants.  He said he would come in the morning and take care of them.  We told him we wanted them gone. I was concerned about the wood.
            At the other side of the house at the back standard holding up the corner of the roof, the water damage had rotted away the bottom of the wood.  I was so concerned about this, and told Rita about it some time ago, and she said that under the wood there was a cement post, so I gave up thinking that the corner of the roof would come down.
It is difficult to believe with all the erosion around the house that it is only four years old.  There are places on the surface that the cover plaster is peeling off.  Before long, a coat of paint won’t cover it.
            While sweeping at the back of the house this morning, I placed two large beetles, that had been writhing on their backs, into the land of Morte…..I don’t like bugs and we have so many varieties that I can’t count them.  I really thought they would be more in the wild jungles of Costa Rica, but there are bugs of all kinds here.  I guess I will have to invest in a big can of RAID…..

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