Saturday, April 2, 2011

Chapter 64 - Day By Day

           We enjoyed the program of American Idol and the music was comparably good.  I was disappointed with the choice of the woman that was turfed, I kind of liked her, but I guess the American public didn’t agree.  It is going to be a difficult task to weed out eleven of the players and leave the most popular.  There is a terrific amount of talent in the group this year.
            As a guest star last evening, they brought out Lee DeWyze who was the winner last year.  I was more impressed with his singing when he was in the contest.  He does have a nice voice, but not spectacular as I thought it was going to be.
            It’s a quiet Monday today.  I put on a machine load of laundry, but I am going to let it soak until one this afternoon.  There is a peak time overcharge on the electric bill for the use between 10 am and 1 p.m. and also between 5 and 7 p.m.  Consequently, we almost always have our dinner at five, making advantage of the lesser priced electricity.  You can take the girl from the city but you can’t take the Angus out of the girl.  I do support anything that lessens the pressure on the circuits.  Some of the utilities are sporadic at best and I don’t want to add to that pressure.  We do have a little fun trying to keep our internet on line. 
            Take this item for instance.  We got the internet company out to rectify the last problem (and it carried on for nearly two weeks) and a new wire was stretched into the house which is also on this orchard.  That is where the original internet hook up went in and our line runs from their modem to our router.  If this is too much electrical talk, just skip this paragraph.  Well, the new wire running into the next house was run over with the lawn mower last week and severed.  How stupid can you get to lay lines on the ground.  The company is a government monopoly and they claim that covering that wire isn’t their problem. With all the wiring running across the yards, we can just hang bobbles on them next Christmas and have the basis for our decorations…..Ha Ha, I didn’t even decorate in Canada when I had a couple of boxes full of great decorations, so I won’t be making any effort here. (We are more likely to celebrate Cinqo de Mayo now - Mel).
            Yesterday, Sunday, we went to the chapel as usual.  Both Melaney and I work in the primary, so that keeps us at the Church for the full time.  I do get pretty stiff by the time I have been sitting for three hours.
            In the primary, we have one little boy named Jose.  He is small for his age of eight but he is very bright.  He is also extremely active.  The teacher is a good friend of mine, so last week after primary ended, I made a couple of suggestions about letting Jose help her with the white board.  When it needs wiping, let him do it.  Let him pass out papers and collect them, and also the books.  Keep him busy and helping.  This Sunday I could see a marked improvement in his behaviour.  I mentioned it to the teacher, and she agreed.  I hope it helps for a long time, until Jose can mature into the fine boy he can be.
I taught primary about sixty years ago, and I had a similar child in my class.  My method worked with him, so I was confident it would work with Jose.

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