Saturday, April 2, 2011

Chapter 63 - Saturday

            Yes, it’s Saturday today.  We had plans for company.  Two of the ladies from church were coming over this morning, so I got up early and put together a banana muffin cake with walnuts.  The bananas in the little bowl that I had been saving in the fridge  looked just awful when Melaney came out to walk the dog.  I wanted to get them whipped with the eggs before she came out.  She is such a visual person.  Well, I put all the dry ingredients together, and whipped up the banana mush and eggs, milk and oil in a separate bowl, waiting for the ladies to phone.  They were going to take the bus from Grecia out to Poas, and when they got here, they would phone and Melaney would drive into town to pick them up.  To come all the way to the house, where they hadn’t been before, would require a bus change, and that is too time consuming.
            We waited, and waited.  Finally I decided to bake the muffin cake anyway so I mixed the two bowls full of ingredients together, scraped it into the little pan that goes in the toaster oven, washed out the bowls and dried them.  I knew the cake would take about 20 minutes to bake, so I showered and put on fresh bright clothes.  This melon coloured top and pants always looks cheery.
By the time I came into the kitchen again and looked in the oven the muffin cake was a little over brown.  Melaney thought it was probably burnt on the bottom.  I took the cake out and put it on the rack on the cupboard.  After it had had a chance to cool, I cut it and dished out the very centre piece for Mel.  She likes the ones without any edges…..I don’t spoil her much, I just like to give her the part that she likes best.  It wasn’t burnt on the bottom, and I was pleased with that.
In short order we had finished the first square.  It really hit bottom because we had been waiting for the ladies so long.  We had a second piece, and this time I put it on a plate, split it and poured syrup on Mel’s and liquid honey on mine.  As the cake was a little over baked, it was drier than usual.  By the time we finished that piece, we both felt better, and the phone rang.  I am not sure what the problem was, but the ladies didn’t arrive.  We couldn’t have them in the afternoon because Mel was waiting on a call from a man in San Jose to set a time this afternoon for a business meeting.  He hasn’t called yet and it’s after one.
Well, I said to Mel that today was turning out to be a complete bust.  No ladies, no business conference, but we did have our banana cake and it made us so content that we decided to nap.
It’s a good thing that American Idol is on tonight.  We can look forward to that.

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